It’s that time of the year again. Rodent season. As the cold weather blows through Florence, Alabama and the surrounding area, mice will try to take their families indoors in search of the three things any warm blooded creature would be looking for: Food, water, and shelter.

Unfortunately, they don’t just bring themselves (as if that’s not bad enough). Mice travel together to find one place to “rent” for the winter… and they don’t plan on paying you for it either.

So how can you keep these unwanted intruders from making a stay this winter WITHOUT having to by a cat?

We have a few recommendations to help you keep the mice out of the house this winter.

First thing is first… make sure they are OUT of your house by giving your Florence Alabama pest control team a call. Singing River pest control will be sure to inspect every inch of your home, carefully searching for mice tracks or clues left around the house. From there, we will take all of the necessary measures to drive any unwanted pests out of your house and keep them from coming back in.

Following the first step of action, you’ll want to protect your house from mice by keeping your food

containers sealed, managing clean floors, and tightly securing additional food sources in your cabinets and refrigerator. With the cold season, mice are on the hunt for some warm, tasty crumbs left on the floor underneath your couch, in the crevices under your kitchen, or even under or in your bed.

Call the Florence Alabama pest control team to get these rodents on the run!
Call the Florence Alabama pest control team to get these rodents on the run!

Here’s another very helpful tip to keep the rodents out this winter; keep any opening to your home, sealed. Be sure to keep your garage door closed throughout the day when you are home. This will prevent mice from making their way into your garage and entering your home through tiny cracks in the walls. One of the most common places for mice to eventually get access into your house is through your garage. Be sure to keep your eye out on any entry doors in your home as well. This is another action step to keep mice from entering the front, side, or back of your home.

This last tip will have your house smelling like peppermint. You don’t have to tell your neighbors the true secret when they stop by and smell this festive aroma in the house. In a spray bottle, mix 2 teaspoons of peppermint oil and water and begin squirting the scent around your house. Peppermint is a natural aroma that will help keep the rodents away this winter. Be sure to spray this mixture along the walls, floors, and entry ways of your home.

There you have it. Our Florence Alabama pest control team is happy to provide you with some preventative tips to keep the mice away this winter.

To list them for you:

  1. Call Singing River Pest Control at 256-394-0751 to take the first action step to getting rid of/preventing any mice from entering your home.

  2. Tightly seal all food containers, keep floors clean, and cabinets and refrigerator completely closed.

  3. Keep all passageways into your home (garage, entrance doors) closed.

  4. Use peppermint spray on the floors and walls of your home.

From your Florence Alabama Pest Control Team – Singing River Pest Control.

We are proud to serve you.

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